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John O’Ryan Surveyors is a international company that controls and certifies quality and quantity of raw materials and finished products.
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"Governments, NGOs, companies and individuals that will improve world ́s future are those that considers ethics, efficiency, knowledge, balance and sustainability as the basis for achieving progress and overall success.

Our company's goal is, every day, be the best partner of them to accomplish these goals..."

Rodrigo O´Ryan Blaitt
John O’Ryan Surveyors CEO

Our services

We provide all the quality and quantity control services required in the chain so that our clients manage and operate efficiently, dynamically and sustainably.

Quality Control

Sampling and quality analysis for raw materials and finished products at the forestry sector.

Quantity Control

We provide quantity control services at various stages of the chain.

Quality management system

Development, Implementation and Audit of Quality Management Systems tailored to the client.


We train and advise companies and government agencies on project evaluations.
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Heineken ya elabora Cerveza Verde con biomasa del olivar

La cervecera Heineken avanza imparable hacia su objetivo de elaborar todas sus cervezas con cero emisiones antes de 2025 con un nuevo hito medioambiental: su fábrica de La Imora de Jaén, que tiene el doble mérito de ser la primera planta cervecera en España que funciona exclusivamente con energía totalmente renovable, y la más grande de Europa 100% verde.
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